NBC: Obama’s Syria speech will not preempt Ryan Seacrest

NBC: Obama’s Syria speech will not preempt Ryan Seacrest

[Ed. note: The president, who has debased the office with his TV appearances, wouldn’t have it any other way]

NBC assured a worried nation that President Obama’s Tuesday night speech on military intervention in Syria will not preempt the second episode of the Ryan Seacrest-hosted game show “The Million Second Quiz.”

Former University of Chicago Law School Professor Obama will address the nation at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday to make his case for an unpopular U.S. military strike on the nation of Syria. The speech is slated to last about fifteen minutes and will probably see Obama calling the proposed strike “the right thing to do.” Though television networks have already committed to running the speech as a news program, NBC wants Americans to know that the address will not interfere with the programs they actually want to watch.

“NBC noted to Variety that the President’s speech will not interfere with the live broadcast of its mega-gameshow effort ‘Million Second Quiz,’ which is set to air as a strip beginning Monday,” Variety reported.

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