Most influential conservativces for 2013

Most influential conservativces for 2013

25) Michelle Malkin: Not only is Malkin one of the most popular conservative columnists and TV commentators, she pumps out best selling books, dominates on social media, and has two powerhouse blogs, Michelle andTwitchy.

24) Newt Gingrich: A run at the presidency seems to have revitalized the career of the most successful Speaker of the House the GOP has ever had. Gingrich is getting ready to get back on the air with Crossfire, but his real status comes from being considered the preeminent Republican “idea man.”

23) Greg Gutfeld: Gutfeld has risen a long way from the guy who made a name for himself by mocking the Huffington Post while he blogged for them. These days, Gutfeld’s The Five is the second highest rated show on Fox and his wittily goofy monologues and quotes are catching on everywhere.

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