Bob Woodward: President Obama has ‘no plan’

Bob Woodward: President Obama has ‘no plan’

Veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward criticized President Barack Obama for having “no plan” and an “ad hoc” response to Syria, saying he has a tall task in front of him Tuesday night when he addresses the American people.

Woodward pointed to Obama’s acceptance speech for the Nobel Peace Prize, where he criticized war as an act of “human folly,” but said Obama’s distaste for war may be causing him to show some folly as well.

“It is human folly, but you can’t take the human folly of the Assad regime and say we’re going to meet it with our own, and that’s what this looks like,” Woodward said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday. “This is ad hoc. You can’t run something like this. You can’t run anything like this.”

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