Kerry update: Now says attack on Syria will be ‘wafer thin’

Kerry update: Now says attack on Syria will be ‘wafer thin’

[Ed. note: Like his backbone]

Like a French waiter plying Mr. Creosote with a “wafer thin” mint, Secretary of State John Kerry promises us that any attack on Syria would be “unbelievably small.” As with Mr. Creosote, we know that this miniscule treat will involve a horrible detonation that will quickly be over, leaving a nasty cleanup in its wake. But President Assad of Syria knows this, too, and is probably quite capable of scraping the resulting mess off the furnishings and carrying on as before. So what is it that Kerry, and his boss, President Obama, hope to accomplish with a well-telegraphed military action that the world has been assured won’t be worth fussing about?

Secretary Kerry made his remarks in a joint press conference with Britain’s foreign secretary, William Hague, that must have had the U.K. politician wondering if he was participating in an open-mike foreign policy show:

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