German company apologizes for making anti-immigrant condoms

German company apologizes for making anti-immigrant condoms

A German firm has apologized for producing condoms marked with an offensive message that were used in a far-right party’s campaign against immigrant births.

The contraceptives, ordered by the youth wing of the National Democratic Party (NPD), came in black boxes bearing the slogan “For foreigners and certain Germans”. The activists sent them to lawmakers as a protest against “unchecked immigration”.

The message had a particular resonance in the country where the Nazi party also tried to control childbirth, encouraging people considered pure-blood Germans to breed, while going as far as sterilizing people from other groups.

The condoms came with a letter, telling lawmakers: “We are protesting against unchecked immigration and the resulting population change in our country.

“You are failing to provide the foundations for a family policy which will halt the demographic catastrophe facing our people,” the letter added.

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