Why should lawmakers back Obama?

Why should lawmakers back Obama?

In one move, President Obama gave his toughest talk to date pressing for a military strike on Syria while setting himself up for a political failure that will potentially weaken his position as the leader in that effort.

Citing our nation’s “oldest constitutional Democracy,” the president said he will first seek the blessing of Congress before using military force. The trouble for Obama is that lawmakers have no incentive to back up the president.

Lawmakers undoubtedly are unanimous in condemnation of the repugnant chemical warfare being perpetrated by Bashar Assad’s regime against the Syrian people. But the political reality is that Americans are weary of war, and Obama has done a very poor job of selling his decision to engage in another military battle, much less for the U.S. to go it alone. With the midterm elections on the horizon, the president should prepare to get “Cameroned.”

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