Gov. Jindal talks about the Justice dept’s war against equal opportunity

Gov. Jindal talks about the Justice dept’s war against equal opportunity

[Ed. note: Our old GR buddy Doc Zero]

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s Fox News show Thursday night, to discuss the Justice Department’s effort to shut down Louisiana’s school choice program by suing under desegregation laws.

“The Obama administration is trying to use rules that were designed to protect poor minority kids to actually keep them trapped in failing schools,” said the Governor. “We’ve got 8,000 kids getting these scholarships.  100 percent of these are low-income families. 100 percent of them are coming from C, D, or F public schools.  100 percent of their parents chose this as a way for their kids to get a better education.  90 percent of them are minorities.  We talk about equal opportunity in America, but we’re not providing it unless we give every child the chance to get a great education.”

He chastised the Administration for putting teachers’ union interests ahead of students.  ”This is all politics, it’s all ideology,” Jindal charged.  ”It’s not about these kids.”

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