Obama faces pressure to make case for ‘shot across bow’ vs. Syria

Obama faces pressure to make case for ‘shot across bow’ vs. Syria

President Obama on Wednesday advocated a “shot across the bow” for Syria in the interest of U.S. national security, despite growing concerns from congressional lawmakers over the possibility of an American military strike.

In an interview with PBS, Obama for the first time said publicly the U.S. has concluded the Syrian government carried out a chemical weapons attack against civilians last week, saying the administration does not believe the country’s opposition has such weapons at their disposal.

Obama’s comments came shortly after the White House announced it will meet with top congressional leaders Thursday afternoon to brief them on intelligence and plans for possible strikes against Syria.

Meanwhile, in potentially related news, a senior U.S. Navy official confirmed to Fox News Wednesday that the Navy is beefing up its presence in the Gulf, increasing the number of aircraft carriers to two, from one.

The USS Harry S Truman has arrived in the Arabian Sea and was scheduled to take the place of the USS Nimitz, which was expected to head home. The Navy has ordered the Nimitz, which is in the Indian Ocean, to stay for now.

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