Fast-food striker with sob story really a victim of Obamacare

Fast-food striker with sob story really a victim of Obamacare

The Guardian has published a very well-written and interesting piece by Willietta Dukes, one of the fast food workers who is striking today (somewhere in North Carolina) for an impossible $15 wage for a job anyone can do.

But here’s the part that caught my eye:

My boys, Tramaine and Russell Jr are now 20 and 21 years old. When they were in middle and high school, I had to work two fast-food jobs to make ends meet. Most days, I would put them on the bus at 6:30am before working a 9 to 4 shift at one restaurant, then a 5-close shift at another. If I had a day off, I was at their schools, checking in with their teachers and making sure they were keeping up with their education. I wanted them, when they were grown-up, to not have to work two jobs.

My hours, like many of my coworkers, were cut this year, and I now work only 25 to 28 hours each week. I can’t afford to pay my bills … That’s why I’m on strike today.

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I admire Dukes for raising two sons with such excellent filial piety under trying economic circumstances — sounds like a real bootstrapper. But why the sudden reversal of fortunes now? Why have her hours suddenly been scaled back?

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