Make every crime a race crime? Count me out

Make every crime a race crime? Count me out

[Ed. note: Of course not. But don’t discount the racism in the ones that are.]

My column in this week’s Washington Examiner is about the unfortunate trend of conservatives trying to “get even” over the hyped-up racial aspect of the George Zimmerman trial by trying to stretch every recent black-on-white crime into the “hate crime” category.

(I feel like Greg Gutfeld got this right at the top of his recent column by derisively calling this “race poker” — but then really dropped the ball by trying to play the game – though I’ll admit, it’s hard to tell just how tongue-in-cheek he intended to be.)

Not only are these recent high-profile black-on-white crimes (I cited the one in Oklahoma, but this applies equally to the one in Spokane) not race-related, but the hyping up of whatever racial angle exists is a completely fruitless exercise that conservatives would never tolerate (and rightly so) if, say, gun owners were the rhetorical target. If the Zimmerman coverage was wrong, then two wrongs don’t make a right.

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