Decision on Keystone pipeline likely delayed until 2014

Decision on Keystone pipeline likely delayed until 2014

[Ed note: It’s not like jobs depend on it or anything. Oh, wait…]

The State Department’s decision on the proposed Keystone XLtranscontinental oil pipeline is in danger of being bumped to next year, as the agency’s internal watchdog says it needs more time to finish an ongoing investigation of the project.

The State Department Office of Inspector General said its months-long probe of whether the contractor the department hired to conduct an environmental impact study had a conflict of interested likely won’t be ready until January.

The study, by Environmental Resources Management, suggested the pipeline would have little effect on the environment or global warming. But Mother Jones magazine earlier this year reported that analysts who helped draft the report had worked for TransCanada — the Canadian company proposing the project — and other energy companies poised to benefit from the pipeline.

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