Teamwork doesn’t always imply ‘big government’

Teamwork doesn’t always imply ‘big government’

“Government,” liberal Democratic politicians like to say, “is simply the name we give to the things we choose to do together.”

The errors in this sentiment can explain what’s wrong with today’s left — and with the right. Both sides need to understand better that there are many words for the things we do together, including “community,” “church,” “commerce,” and “family.” These are the backbone of civil society.

Respected liberal economics writer Mike Konczal made an astute point in the Washington Post recently: “Conservatives don’t really get that some things are ‘public,'” Konczal began, “and it’s hurting their ability to handle the challenges of the early 21st century.”

When liberals talk about community, conservatives are too quick to raise the Gadsden Flag and shout, “Leave me alone!”

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