NY Times confused about its own liberalism

NY Times confused about its own liberalism

New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson denied Tuesday that her paper has a liberal bias, despite the fact that her current and former public editors both criticized the paper’s left-leaning viewpoint.

Asked by Michael Kinsley in a New Republic interview Tuesday whether a Martian descending to Earth would recognize “ideological preference” in the paper, Abramson replied, “Well, on the editorial and opinion pages they would” but denied that the news page contains any bias.

“Um, I think that they would recognize a sort of cosmopolitan outlook that reflects that, even as we become international, we’re a New York–based news institution. I can see how the intensity of coverage on certain issues may to some people seem to reflect a liberal point of view. But I actually don’t think it does,” Abramson said.

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