A beastly attack on Ted Cruz

A beastly attack on Ted Cruz

The mud is flying early this cycle.

It is three years and three months before the next presidential election, but all it took for Ted Cruz to have his good name smeared was to take a single trip to Iowa where he mentioned that some social conservatives have urged him to run for president.

For this provocation, the freshman senator from Texas — and new Tea Party idol — found himself portrayed in the media by classmates who haven’t spoken to him since he was a freshman in college as not merely a didactic and right-wing teenager, but as some kind of sexual deviant.

The story, which was the lead piece in The Daily Beast on Monday, featured Cruz’s freshman roommate — who is clearly not a social conservative — dishing a heavy dose of criticism and innuendo. That roommate, Craig Mazin, said he was “afraid” of the influence Cruz has achieved in life, while relating a salacious, if sketchy, story about Cruz menacing female students at Princeton by wearing a paisley bathrobe in their wing of the coed dorm.

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