7 steps to replacing Obamacare with something that works

7 steps to replacing Obamacare with something that works

President Obama took a shot at opponents of his health care reform law recently, saying, “there’s not even a pretense now that they’re going to replace it with something better.”

Au contraire. Ideas for “something better” abound — but the president hasn’t shown interest in them. He has instead remained devoted to his eponymous law, which promises higher costs and worse care….

Here are seven provisions that should be part of a replacement agenda that would ensure that all Americans have affordable, accessible, quality health care.

First, change the federal tax code so that individuals can purchase insurance with pre-tax dollars, just like businesses can. Most Americans don’t realize the full cost of their health care because they get employer-subsidized insurance. Consequently, they over-consume health care. That drives up costs.

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To offset the cost of insurance for those who don’t get coverage through work, Congress could institute a refundable tax credit.

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