Why I’m a proud Jewish Republican

Why I’m a proud Jewish Republican

Everybody who knows me is well aware of what I would like to do someday: Run for office. Politics always dominates my conversations, and it is well known that I am an avid tweeter on many political issues. However, my political ideology surprises many people I know. As a Jew, I do not necessarily fit into what most people think of as the stereotypical Republican image. For whatever reason, many Jews in America are enthusiastic Democrats. Where I live, there is a large and tightly knit Jewish community. Out of the hundreds of Jews whom I know, only a few consider themselves Republicans, and those who do are hardly vocal about their opinions at all. For years, the Democratic Party has dominated the Jewish vote. In fact, in 2012, President Obama received more than two thirds of the Jewish vote. This trend needs to change.

Growing up, it was a fact that my family was Democratic. When I was little, before I ever cared about politics, I considered myself a Democrat for the simple reason that my parents were, as were many people I knew. However, as I became older and began to become more interested in politics, I came to realize that the Democratic Party does not encompass core Jewish values of hard work, integrity, and commitment to Israel. In fact, I soon came to realize that the Republican Party was the party that encompassed the Jewish values that I had been taught throughout my whole life.

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