FIlner returns from ‘rehab,’ finds locks on his office changed … really

FIlner returns from ‘rehab,’ finds locks on his office changed … really

Mayor Bob Filner is ending his intensive behavioral therapy triggered by sexual harassment allegations earlier than expected while officials on Friday said the locks had been changed at his office.

Meanwhile, his political support continued to crater as his last two allies on the City Council called for his resignation, making it unanimous, and U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer reiterated her call for him to step down in an impassioned open letter to the mayor.

It was another head-snapping day in the monthlong scandal that has enveloped City Hall as investigations by state, federal and local agencies continue into the sexual harassment claims and more.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith confirmed that the locks were changed at the 11th-floor City Hall office of the mayor but said he couldn’t say why.

“We are working cooperatively with chief of staff Lee Burdick and (chief operating officer) Walt Ekard,” was all Goldsmith would say.

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