NYT start the countdown clock

NYT start the countdown clock

I’m not sure I completely agree with John that Jeff Bezos can be relied upon to be a down-the-line liberal as the new owner of the Washington Post in the same way as Chris Hughes, the Silicon Valley Obama-worshipper who bought The New Republic.  People have combed Bezos’s political activity and statements to deliver a mixed picture, but one deed stands out: Bezos broke with Bill Gates in giving six figures to defeat a Washington state ballot initiative to increase income taxes on high income earners establish a state income tax.  [ERRATUM: Washington has no state income tax at the moment.]  (Gates had supported the measure.)  And whatever else you may say about the cultural liberalism of the Silicon Valley world, raising income taxes is always the first priority of contemporary progressivism.  (And Bezos has apparently contributed to the Reason Foundation, a sign of some libertarian sympathies.) My expectation is that Bezos will do too little to change the Post, and will allow the liberal inmates to continue to run the asylum until the Post has no readers left at all.

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