Pot, meet kettle: Walmart calls out ‘The Nation’ for its low-wage intern program

Pot, meet kettle: Walmart calls out ‘The Nation’ for its low-wage intern program

With about 1.4 million associates, Walmart is the nation’s largest private-sector employer. The wages it pays set the benchmark for the rest of the retail sector. In most states, associates earn an average of $12 or $13….

So it’s not surprising that Walmart has become a target for critics of low wages…. One of the most adamant grillers of Walmart recently has been The Nation, the venerable left-leaning political and cultural magazine. The Nation recently posted an open letter to company CEO Mike Duke and the Walmart board of directors demanding that Walmart start paying its workers a minimum wage $12 an hour. The letter also includes an online petition that readers can sign….

In an ironic twist, ProPublica recently reported that starting this fall, “interns at the Nation Institute will be paid minimum wage for the first time in the history of the 30-year-old program.” As ProPublica noted, The Nation has been paying its full-time interns a weekly stipend of $150 per week—less than the current federal minimum wage rate of $7.25 per hour.

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