Poll: 74% say Americans too dependent on government

Poll: 74% say Americans too dependent on government

Most voters think Americans are too dependent on the government — and a majority blames Uncle Sam himself for that.

A Fox News poll released Wednesday shows 74 percent think Americans rely too much on the government and not enough on themselves. That includes almost all Republicans (87 percent), most independents (80 percent) and a majority of Democrats (58 percent).

Voters are also more likely to blame the record number of people on food stamps — more than 46 million — on it being too easy to get government assistance (53 percent) than the severity of the recession (40 percent).

The poll was conducted in connection with a new documentary to air on Fox News Channel this Friday at 10PM ET and Sunday at 9 PM ET. Hosted by Bret Baier, it’s called “Fox News Reporting: The Great Food Stamp Binge.” The hour-long special asks, among other things, whether the food stamp program can ultimately make the poor dependent on government. It also explores how taxpayer dollars meant for the needy end up in the pockets of those able to fend for themselves.

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