‘Breaking Bad’: The middle school musical

‘Breaking Bad’: The middle school musical

Remember when you were twelve, fresh out of elementary school and rip-roaring and ready to get a taste of the utter cool you’ve heard so much about, the cool of being a teenager? You might have even convinced your parents to let you stay up late enough to catch those “grown-up” TV shows the older kids on your street bragged about. In retrospect you realize you had no freaking idea what was going on during those shows, but you just knew, like you were born knowing, that this–this was cool.What’s more, when you went back and watched those shows as an adult, you might even have found you enjoyed them more as a kid than you did as an adult.

Prepare for that period in your life to flash before your eyes momentarily as you watch “internetainers” Rhett & Link’s first contribution to YouTube’s Geek Week, “Breaking Bad: The Middle School Musical.” Let us first direct your attention to the fact that a Breaking Bad that was actually about the Purest Blue Rock Candy in All the Land might have actually been a better show than one about crystal meth.

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