Poll: Obama loses trust of middle class

Poll: Obama loses trust of middle class

A Monmouth University poll released late last week was notable for the fact that, like many other polls, it showed President Obama upside down on job approval with registered voters —41% approve to 54% disapprove. A closer look, though, reveals the poll’s most startling find: Obama has lost credibility with the middle class. When asked if Obama is sincere about refocusing his presidency on the middle class; only 46% believe it, while a full 50% do not.

Independents are more skeptical than overall voters. A full 54% don’t believe the president, while only 42% do.

Looking back at his presidency, only 26% of those polled believe the middle class have benefitted from Obama’s policies, while 46% don’t believe he hasn’t done anything at all to help them. The middle class rank at the bottom of this poll, below Wall Street bankers, wealthy families, health insurance companies, and poor families.

When you look at Barack Obama’s policies and priorities, it is not hard to guess why voters feel this way.

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