New luxury skin treatment in NYC: Bird poop facial

New luxury skin treatment in NYC: Bird poop facial

[Ed note: And here we thought you just needed to look up to get the treatment for free]

nly in Mike Bloomberg’s Manhattan. Craving a Big Gulp? Better have a good lawyer. Want to do something special for your face? Treat it to a bird poo poultice at a luxury spa.

At Shizuka New York skin care salon off Fifth Avenue, roughly 100 clients a month are shelling out $180 each for a traditional Japanese facial “using imported Asian nightingale excrement mixed with rice bran,” reports Verna Dobnik for the Associated Press. The treatment is touted as “a way to keep the face soft and smooth using an enzyme in the poop to gently exfoliate the skin.”

While the spa’s eponymous owner Shizuka Bernstein has been offering the Geisha Facial for only five years, the beauty secret is thought to date back to the 1600s, when it was stumbled upon (but how?) by Japanese geishas and actors.

The AP supplied this account of 35-year-old New Yorker Mari Miyoshi’s first fecal facial:

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