Twitchy remembers Obama’s birthday … with hilarious results

Twitchy remembers Obama’s birthday … with hilarious results

Brock2120@AHMalcolm To honor Pres Obama’s birthday, I’m going to fail at something and blame it on the rich.

Oh my … that is beautiful. Fox News’ Brit Hume retweeted that awesome zinger, which was in response to this also hilarious tweet by Andrew Malcolm.

Andrew Malcolm         @AHMalcolmTomorrow is Pres Obama’s birthday. Send your best wishes to him in an email or text to your own friends. The NSA will pass it on for u.

@Brock2120 promise something you know to be bullsh*t first, then fail, then blame the rich, the have the press cover you through omission.

Next step: Accuse Fox News of being “biased.”

At this point, what difference does his birthday make?

He didn’t make this birthday.

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