GOP wants to kill Obamacare but divided over how to do it

GOP wants to kill Obamacare but divided over how to do it


At the heart of an intraparty Republican dispute over the best way to derail Obamacare is a disagreement over strategy — but also a divergence of opinion regarding how Americans might view the law once it is fully implemented.

Until recently, Republicans unanimously agreed that the Affordable Care Act was a lemon that would be rejected by voters — so much so that they predicted that the ongoing implementation of the law, which is due to accelerate next year, could be a boon to GOP congressional candidates in the 2014 mid-term elections.

Republicans believed that the growing fury over Obamacare, as seen in public opinion polls, would provide them with the political strength required to make further dents in the law as a part of a multistep process that could eventually lead to repeal. Retaking the Senate in 2014, and bolstering their House majority, were seen as key components of the Republican Party’s long game on Obamacare.

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