In defense of Sydney Leathers

In defense of Sydney Leathers

I know, right? Well, hold on, just hear me out…

Maybe it’s just that I want to, um, stick up for a fellow Hoosier. But after listening to Sydney Leathers for a few minutes, she seems like an okay kid.

I’m sure it’s sexist and provincial to say so, but she’s surprisingly poised and well-spoken for a small-town girl whose thong selfies are all over the place. It is kind of odd that she claimed to want anonymity just a few days ago, and now she’s talking to Inside Edition. But hey, once the cat’s out of the bag…

Lisa Weiss, one of Weiner’s previous sexting pals, has warned Leathers that she’s going to get a lot of nasty comments and not a lot of support. I wonder about that, though. She’ll get nasty comments, of course — this is, after all, the Internet — but I think she’ll get more support than the last round of sextees.

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