ACLU reverses course on Zimmerman: will Obama (again)?

ACLU reverses course on Zimmerman: will Obama (again)?

Jeralyn Merritt of Talk Left has always had a stubbornly sensible streak about her when it comes to the absurdities of her side’s legal-themed shenanigans, and sometimes it gets loose. Case in point:her addressing of basic reality on the Martin-Zimmerman case, and exactly why the ACLU was smart to reverse course and get out of any further race-baiting in the form of trying for federally-spawned hate crimes charges.

Thousands may turn out to march, but millions will close their ears because of what they see as the unfair connection to George Zimmerman, a man with no history of racial animus, who a jury determined was not guilty of any crime at a trial at which no one alleged he acted out of racial animosity, and the connection to Trayvon Martin, whom they do not view as an innocent, but as someone who committed an unprovoked physical assault and unfortunately lost his life because the person he assaulted lawfully defended himself.

Others who will be turned off: Those who know that stand your ground laws had nothing to do with Zimmerman being found not guilty. He would have been found to have acted in self defense with or without the duty to retreat language, because the testimony and evidence at trial showed he had no place to retreat to once attacked by Martin.

It would be at this point that I should note certain state legislation co-sponsored by Barack Obama and passed in 2004. While it is not precisely a “stand your ground” bill (H/T: @JohnEkdahl)- certainly the Obama administration would do its level best to argue that it is not – the legislation itself is still a horrible PR problem for the administration.

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