Cafe owner in UK forced to take down British flag viewed as ‘racist’

Cafe owner in UK forced to take down British flag viewed as ‘racist’

A Keighley cafe owner who was ordered to remove Union flags from railings on the pavement outside her business claims a Bradford Council official told her daughter they were ‘racist’.

Janet and Chay Croden, of 1940s-themed ForTeas, say they are dumbfounded anyone would perceive them as racially offensive – although the council has denied the word was ever used by their employee.

They were ordered to remove the six flags from railings directly outside the business because they are council property and because the flags might pose a safety risk if they block visibility, which they now accept.

Mrs Croden, who lives in Cross Roads, said: “We’ve got little Union flags up in our window and no-one’s ever complained about them.”

Her daughter, Chay, who lives at Ingrow, said she was approached by a council employee while serving customers. She indicated she was busy, but said he insistently beckoned her over and demanded the flags tied to the metal railings be removed.

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