Rather’s blather

Rather’s blather

There are, apparently, media folks who spend their Sundays hate-watching HBO’s abysmal (but cleverly titled!) newsroom drama The Newsroom. I can’t bring myself to do the same: last year’s premiere convinced me that futzing around with thumbscrews would be a better use of my time than watching the Sorkin-infused dreck.

I was content to just ignore the show. But then Gabriel Rossman introduced me to Dan Rather’s recaps. Which are written unironically. For Gawker. That’s right: Dan “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” Rather recaps a show about a pompous anchor of a TV news program for Snark Central and does so earnestly. Dreadfully, hopelessly earnestly.

I like to imagine the Gawker staff sitting there slack-jawed as they read the dishonest dinosaur’s take on the “downright fantastic” (his words!) HBO drama. I like to imagine them jonesing to snark, to tear down, to let loose the dogs of wit—kept in check only by fear. I like to imagine the ulcers eating away their stomach lining as they slowly realize that many, many people are reading Rather’s Blather on their preciously hip website.

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