The curse of the job-stealing eyeglasses

The curse of the job-stealing eyeglasses

Could this new eyeglass technology put a whole profession out of business?

The Times reports on Adlens Variable Focus, a company that offers self-adjusting glasses. Knobs on the side of the glasses allow wearers to adjust the strength of the prescription themselves. The implications are huge:

There are distinct advantages to variable-focus glasses like these. First, you can tweak the lenses independently for each eye. Second, you can adjust them for different situations—tired eyes often need more help—or even different people. They’re a natural for restaurants, which can hand them out to patrons who’ve forgotten their reading glasses. Third, you can adjust them yourself, without requiring an eye doctor or a prescription.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 62,600 opticians in America in 2010. Opticians are technicians whose sole job is fitting glasses and contact lens. These new adjustable eyeglasses could be a total category killer for the profession.

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