Too much time on hands: We need to shorten word ‘the’

Too much time on hands: We need to shorten word ‘the’

Do you ever find yourself impatiently typing out all three letters in the word the, over and over again? Or maybe you’re just tired of and and its ampersand hogging all of the typographical shorthand. Well, surprisingly — shockingly, even — you are not the only one.

Australian restauranteur and the activist Paul Mathis has just introduced Ћ, a combination of a capital T and lowercase h. Pronounced th, the new symbol would stand in for the, elevating the word to the level of its haughty, &-flaunting cousin and. In addition to designing and promoting the symbol Mathis has introduced several new keyboard apps featuring Ћ, available in the Google Play store. (Apple denied them in the App Store.)

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