Pelosi worried Supreme Court might revisit abortion

Pelosi worried Supreme Court might revisit abortion

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., acknowledged today that she is concerned the Supreme Court could revisit the constitutionality of abortion.

“Yes, I do,” Pelosi replied when asked about the issue by Meet the Press’ David Gregory, who suggested that the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage Act decision, which allows states to define marriage, could have ramifications for abortion policy.

“As you look at it, here’s the Supreme Court bringing back to the states power over big issues– like gay marriage,” Gregory had asked. “Do you see what’s happening in the states as– a p– the potential– laying the groundwork for the potential to undermine abortion rights? And might the Supreme Court even take that up again? Do you feel that pressure?”

Gregory then asked her to comment on the number of states moving to ban abortion five months into a pregnancy.

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