Obama the foreign student

Obama the foreign student

While Attorney Orly Taitz was participating in a rally in front of the U.S. Capitol on June 19, a whistleblower from Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) in Albany, N.Y. approached her to say she personally reviewed the microfilm of President Barack Obama’s financial aid and it reveals he received financial aid as a foreign student and a citizen of Indonesia.

Taitz was provided the woman’s name, work and personal e-mail address, home and cell phone numbers and independently verified the whistleblower’s employment.

Further, Taitz learned that when Obama transferred from Occidental College to Columbia University, his financial aid would indeed be handled by HESC in Albany.

The whistleblower also advised Taitz that HESC’s policy is to retain microfilm of records in the company’s safe and said several HESC employees made copies of the microfilm in the event management decides to destroy the evidence.

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