GOP should ignore friendly media ‘fixers’

GOP should ignore friendly media ‘fixers’

Gee, I’m starting to think that perhaps just maybe there’s some remote possibility—I’m sure it’s just a tiny chance—that this whole immigration reform thing might not work out too well for Republicans.  Never mind the merits or demerits of the Gang of Eight draft (I’ll come to those separately); shouldn’t our deflector shields go up to full when we see so many pundits in the media telling us that Republicans simply have to embrace amnesty if they want to survive?  Let’s see if I have this straight: we should heed advice from people who despise the GOP?

So, for example, we see Markos Moulitsas—founder of the DailyKos—writing yesterday that Republicans have to have immigration reform if “Republicans want to remain a viable national party.”  Has Moulitsas ever wished the GOP well on anything? Ditto Jonathan Chaitof New York magazine: “Republicans have to do something to rehabilitate their standing with Latino voters, or they’re sunk.”  Republicans are “crazy,” according to the Washington Post’s Jonathan Bernstein about the GOP’s continuing opposition to Obamacare.  And this is before you get to other social issues such as gay marriage and abortion.

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