Biz as usual for Iran president Rowhani

Biz as usual for Iran president Rowhani

Yes, he’s a moderate, alright. Here’s the thing, the switch up to a clever, silver-tongue stealth jihadist (newly elected Rowhani) from a neanderthal jihadist (Ahmadiniejad) is just another ruse in which Iran cons the slumbering West with talks of talks, with talks of nuclear enrichment for civilian purposes, with talks of sanction tweaking. Rowhani? Ahmadinejad? Same objectives, different ….styles. Two sides of the same coin.

President-elect #Rowhani says #Iran not ready to suspend enrichment of uranium.

I wrote of this Khomeinist here: Islamic Cleric Wins Iran’s Presidential ‘Election’ – Atlas Shrugs

Andrew Bostom here:

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Right until his election to the presidency, Hasan Rowhani headed the Tehran-based think tank, the Center for Strategic Research. Rowhani, in a 2009 monograph published by the Center for Strategic Research, “Islamic Political Thought, Volume I: Theory,” extolled Iranian theocrat Ayatollah Khomeini’s alleged enlightened “vision” for Islamic governance, as follows (translation kindly provided by Amil Imani):

It appears distancing from any fundamental ideals of the Islamic Revolution, would only mean to be held in the prison of western politics, “politics without ethics” or a medieval European dungeon, “backward religious thoughts”…And we all have witnessed and taken notes of the warning of great architect of the Islamic government, Ayatollah Khomeini, that we avoid falling over that cliff…[T]he Islamic Revolution and its theorists, and above all, Imam Khomeini, were exemplary leaders who were the first to have projected, defined and implemented a superb divine Islamic model for all humans and all times.

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