How Obama’s scandals could swing the GOP primaries

How Obama’s scandals could swing the GOP primaries

In America, we don’t just pick presidents for who they are. We sometimes elect them because they’re the opposite of the last guy.

This might be a form of psychological therapy, whereby we attempt to “work out” our past problems, but it seems to fulfill some sort of atavistic desire to exorcise demons.

In the wake of presidents like Johnson and Nixon and events like Vietnam and Watergate, a peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter became the beneficiary of this urge. After enduring eight years of George W. Bush’s Texas swagger and malapropisms, we turned to a law professor named Barack Obama.

Each time, it was as if America said, “Let’s do something entirely different. Let’s spin the wheel.”

So now, as scandals swirl around the Obama administration (IRS, James Rosen, Benghazi, AP, NSA — will it ever end?), it seems likely that the race to nominate a Republican to (hopefully) succeed Obama will be significantly shaped by this president’s increasingly controversial tenure.

Just days after President Obama’s second inaugural, I wrote that Sen. Marco Rubio probably had the best shot of being our next president. Considering the brewing backlash to Obama’s scandals, I may have been wrong.

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