Obamacare’s California Dreamin’

Obamacare’s California Dreamin’

The best news for Obamacare these days is coming out of California — but it’s a best-case scenario that might not work everywhere else in the country.

The state surprised many when it announced that there won’t be any big price hikes for the health plans available through its insurance exchange — the marketplace that will serve people who don’t have another place to get health coverage.

At a time when many states are struggling with Obamacare’s requirements or even putting up roadblocks, the announcement showed that California is charging ahead. Liberals have 7 million uninsured people.

But even as advocates trumpet California, the state’s aggressive promotion and implementation of Obamacare isn’t the perfect comparison for other states. And some analysts say the state is playing games with the numbers to make the law look good.

Here’s a guide to the lessons California can teach about Obamacare — and where those lessons break down.

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