Cops nix Kanye West’s music video ‘New Slaves’

Cops nix Kanye West’s music video ‘New Slaves’

A public screening for Kanye West’s music video New Slaves was shut down by police Friday night.

The rapper, who has been promoting screenings of the clip around the world via Twitter, was scheduled to unveil the visual for his controversial track at the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas at 9:45pm.

According to the Houston Chronicle, local authorities broke up a crowd that had gathered to see the video, threatening to arrest anyone who failed to comply for trespassing.

The outlet described the crowd as ‘upbeat’ and ‘respectful’ before authorities intervened.

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Some fans reportedly thought police presence was part of the show as cop cars pulled up with sirens flashing.

Confused viewers are said to have left the scene when authorities threatened to make arrests.

Friday’s screening marked Kanye’s third in the Texas city, none of which went as planned.

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