‘Pedal pubs’ afford a chance to drink and ride

‘Pedal pubs’ afford a chance to drink and ride

So-called “pedal pubs” are popping up in more than two-dozen cities across the country. And in some of those places, riders can sip on an alcoholic beverage while sitting across a bar from fellow cyclists.

What exactly is a pedal pub? USA Today reports they are sort of like a modern day trolley meets the Flinstones. Up to 16 riders sit across from each other, using peddles underneath their seats to slowly power the quadracycles across city streets. A driver sits at the front of the vehicle, steering it along to its next destination.

“It’s like being in a parade,” bachelorette party attendee Jen Johnson told the paper. Her friends rented one in Madison, Wisconsin and used the vehicle as part of a pub crawl. Or, in this case, they embarked on something more akin a bar bike, pub pedal, or drink drive. Regardless, “We’re smiling, they are smiling,” she said of how their pedal party was received by onlookers.

In Wisconsin, it’s still against the law to actually drink while on one of the pedal pubs, although there is an effort to repeal the ban. But in some states, it’s perfectly legal to ride and imbibe.

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