Woodward: Obama administration lied about Benghazi

Woodward: Obama administration lied about Benghazi

DAVID GREGORY: Bob Woodward, you’re no stranger to these kinds of controversies in Washington. How has the administration handled this, this past week?

BOB WOODWARD: Well, first of all, I mean people are making comparisons to Watergate. This is not Watergate. But there are some people in the administration who have acted as if they want to be Nixonian. And that’s a very big problem. I think–


BOB WOODWARD: Well, I think on the whole Benghazi thing, you look at those talking points. And I mean the initial draft by the CIA very explicitly said, “We know that activists who have ties to al-Qaeda were involved in the attack.” And then you see what comes out a couple of days later, and there is no reference to this. This is a business where you have to tell the truth. And that did not happen here. (Meet the Press, May 19, 2013)

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