Dems circle wagons around Hillary in re Benghazi

Dems circle wagons around Hillary in re Benghazi

On the occasion of the return of his son’s casket, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged to Charles Woods that the U.S. would “make sure that the person who made that film was arrested.”She said this knowing full well at the time that the terrorist attack that murdered Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods and three other Americans had nothing to do with an anti-Muslim YouTube video which was being blamed for provoking it.

At that same ceremonial event, Hillary, V.P. Biden and Leon Panetta all looked Patricia Smith, mother of slain son Sean, directly in her eyes, promising to find out what had happened and report back to her. One month later a clerk sent her a letter with no new information. We now know, without any doubt, that even much of that information had been willfully concocted to cover up what had really happened, a campaign of deception that continues.

Despite numerous earlier terrorist incidents, repeated security requests from two of our Libyan ambassadors (including Chris Stevens who later died), were refused. Clear real-time evidence widely-known from Day One established that the attack was carefully planned and executed, not a “spontaneous” event as claimed. It is also self-evident that available military assets which could have assisted our people under siege were not deployed. A cover-up is so apparent that Hillary’s appointed State Department Accountability Review Board (ARB), which was supposed to investigate the entire matter, has now come under investigative scrutiny.

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