Benghazi will be Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Whitewater

Benghazi will be Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Whitewater

It is time to come clean on Benghazi. If Hillary Clinton runs for president, it will be time to come clean on Benghazi right through to 2016. If Clinton emerges triumphant, takes the oath of office and becomes the nation’s first female president, the time to come clean on Benghazi will last another four years. (In case of re-election, better make that eight.)

This will require work. Unlike Whitewater, a convoluted, shady-sounding and quite possibly greasy real-estate investment deal, Benghazi consists of a discrete event, a brief aftermath and not much of a paper trail. After all, how much paper is produced in the course of a frantic night of violence in a faraway place?

So paper production is the first order of business. We will need lots and lots of documents citing multiple sources whose large and small discrepancies in memory, perspective and testimony can subsequently be magnified, scrutinized and exploded into controversies.

The Wall Street Journal, which produced hundreds of thousands of words on Whitewater, eventually publishing a landmark five-volume series on that now curiously forgotten conspiracy, today encourages creation of a Select Committee to investigate Benghazi. How else can the nation “extricate itself from the labyrinth” of Benghazi?

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