Obama’s snarky answer to whether he’s lost ‘political juice’

Obama’s snarky answer to whether he’s lost ‘political juice’

President Obama said he’s still got the political juice, scoffing Tuesday at the notion that’s he’s increasingly irrelevant or politically weak.

“Maybe I should pack and go home. Golly!” he said facetiously, when asked whether a recent defeat on guns legislation and signing a patchwork bill to fix airport delays demonstrate a lack of “juice” in getting his agenda through Congress.

At a White House news conference, Obama slightly mangled a famous Mark Twain line — “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” — as he declared, “As Mark Twain said, ‘Rumors of my demise may be a little exaggerated.’”

He quickly pointed a finger at Congress, in particular the Senate, where 60 votes are increasingly needed to get anything passed, a mandate that has “gummed up the works.”

And the ongoing, across-the-board cuts known as sequestration, he said, are “damaging our economy, hurting our people and we need to lift it” via a larger budget deal that is clearly not imminent.

But he expressed confidence that progress will come, in particular that immigration reform will pass “and that will be a historic achievement.”

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