WaPo: Tsarnaevs are fine; it’s you Islamophobes who are sick

WaPo: Tsarnaevs are fine; it’s you Islamophobes who are sick

The Washington Post tried to turn the camera lens around on the violent Tsarnaev brothers. Their arrogant liberal assumption: the real question is what this says about us backwards Americans, not about the bombers. The headline in huge type was “Who do we think they are? The answer says a lot about who we are.”

What we are, apparently, is a sad gathering of “Islamophobes,” because the story is a collection of quotes from Muslim activists and authors who tweeted “please don’t be a Muslim” and feared that Muslim assailants would spur Americans to practice “discrimination or retaliation or shame.” Even after the Tsarnaevs were found, the Post reported “Brown Muslims” were relieved:

Embedded in the misunderstanding [of Caucasian Muslims] is the stereotype that to be a Muslim, one must be a darker-skinned person of Middle Eastern descent.

Asra Nomani, a Muslim writer [and former Wall Street Journal reporter], noted that some members of the larger Muslim American communities with Middle East or South Asian roots expressed relief when they saw photos of the accused bombers.

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“‘Brown’ Muslims were like, ‘Whew, it’s not one of us,’?” she said. “And then people felt that would protect Arabs or Indians or whomever from being targeted. It’s like a sigh of relief.”

That “Brown Muslim” quote was put in bold type inside the Style section. The first paragraphs of this mass psycho-analysis by reporters Krissah Thompson and Michelle Boorstein suggest that apparently, Americans can’t evaluate who the Tsarnaevs are without satisfying some deep psychological need to police our “in-group” boundaries. It began.

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