NYT’s version of Anthony Weiner affair

NYT’s version of Anthony Weiner affair

He says he’s running for mayor of New York.

The New York Times attempts this very Clintonesque defense:

 It was a sex scandal without any actual sex — more creepy than anything else.

No actual sex, but I’m pretty sure the pictures were exchanged with an eye to mutual masturbation over the computer. The Times makes it sound as if it wasn’t sexual.

One can argue that in the scheme of things this scandal isn’t very big, but the Times blows right past that to claim it wasn’t even a sex scandal.

What astonishes me about the leftwing media is that there are actual honest arguments to be made — but they skip right over them to seize on the stupidest lies they can think of.

The bulk of the Times article is spent on portraying Anthony Weiner exactly as his press advisers wish him to be portrayed, as having made a mistake, and suffered adequately for it, and repented it, and so, like Bill Clinton after a few sessions in Jesse Jackson Jr., ready for the responsibility of public trust again. Count the ways in which he’s given the Victim Edit:

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