Why is Obama taxing a pre-existing condition?

Why is Obama taxing a pre-existing condition?

.Obama’s America, where a private insurance company can’t charge you more for being a smoker (because loving to inhale a mixture of tobacco and chemicals directly into your lungs is a pre-existing condition, obviously), but where the government can add a nearly dollar per pack to cigarette taxes to fund pre-K education.

Among President Obama’s half trillion dollars in tax hikes is a 94 cent tax on cigarettes expected to raise $78 billion over ten years. The president wants to spend it on early education.

Meanwhile, healthcare exchanges created by Obamacare are starting to classify cigarette smoking as a pre-existing condition, prohibiting insurance companies for charging more to customers who take a higher risk by smoking.

As Kevin Williamson notes at National Review, we should expect more of this as ObamaCare ramps up in the near future.

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