NYC agrees to pay OWS protesters for destroyed property

NYC agrees to pay OWS protesters for destroyed property

New York City has agreed to pay Occupy Wall Street protesters more than $100,000 for property damaged or lost when police cleared out their encampment in a downtown Manhattan park in 2011, according to court documents signed on Tuesday.

The settlement includes $47,000 for books and library equipment lost or damaged in the raid on Zuccotti Park, where the protesters, campaigning against economic inequality, had camped for nearly two months, setting up tents and a ramshackle library.

Hundreds of books were damaged, and more than 2,000 books were never returned after police raided the park early on Nov. 15, 2011, said Norman Siegel, an attorney for the protesters.

Brookfield Office Properties, named in the protesters’ federal lawsuit as owner of Zuccotti Park, will reimburse the city one third of the $47,000 in library damages, the documents said.

The city also agreed to settle two related federal lawsuits by paying the protesters $75,000 for lost or damaged computers and network and broadcasting equipment, and $8,500 to an environmental group for 16 lost or damaged “energy bicycles” used as power generators at the park, the documents said.

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