Breaking Bad’s planning a Saul Goodman spinoff

Breaking Bad’s planning a Saul Goodman spinoff

Though we don’t yet know how it’s going to end, when Breaking Bad bows out after five seasons this summer, we can be fairly sure that ill-dressed lawyer Saul Goodman won’t be getting his head served up on a tortoise by a Mexican crystal-meth cartel. Series creator Vince Gilligan is mooting an extension to the series led by the money-laundering legal eagle, and though it could be worse – nobody wants to see The Continuing Dreariness of Skyler White – it’s worth proceeding with caution, as the TV spinoff can be a tough beast to tame.

That Goodman has a catchphrase already – “Better Call Saul!” – is promising, but so did Joey Tribbiani, and the answer to his “How you doin?” was “not very well actually” when his Friends offshoot got pulled after two lacklustre seasons. The Carrie Diaries, a Sex and the City prequel, is still showing signs of life, though it isn’t enjoying much critical love. Both shows had the core of what made their parent show work excised: Friends’ comedy didn’t work without the friends, and Sex and the City isn’t much to shout about without the sex. Who knew?

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