MSNBC host: Thatcher was selfish and greedy

MSNBC host: Thatcher was selfish and greedy

Allahpundit warned in the breaking-news post that the passing of Margaret Thatcher would probably not generate much graciousness on the Left.  MSNBC proved him prophetic almost immediately, as NRO’s Eliana Johnson captured in this clip.  Martin Bashir immediately launched into an attack on Thatcher as the embodiment of “selfishness and greed,” and managed to offer a quote that Thatcher probably would have enjoyed, considering the sources:

“The result was a kind of flagrant, excessive, and ostentatious pursuit of cash” in Britain, Bashir said.

He added, “The best description I ever heard of her was from French president Francois Mitterand who said she had the eyes of Caligula and the mouth of Marilyn Monroe.”

How did that flagrant pursuit of cash work out for Britons, anyway?  Jim Pethokoukis reminded us this morning:

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She privatized. She cut taxes. She busted unions. As economist Scott Sumner has noted, “Britain had lagged other European economies for decades, growing far more slowly than most economies on the continent. Thatcher’s reforms were among the most comprehensive in the world.”

Just compare the performance of the UK economy versus the French economy. One nation in 1979 started to again embrace markets, the other did not. Brits went from being 10% poorer than Frenchmen to being 10% richer. The lady was not for turning, but thanks in great part to her policies and determination, the economic fate of the UK and the West was.

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