Joe Klein: Gun advocates feed people ‘anti-American crap’

Joe Klein: Gun advocates feed people ‘anti-American crap’

TIME’s Joe Klein went on another anti-gun rant this weekend.

On the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, he said the desire to own a semi-automatic weapon “because the government in Washington is about to oppress us…is paranoia that these groups like the NRA, the Gun Owners of America, they feed this crap and it really is anti-American” (video follows with transcript and commentary)

JOE KLEIN, TIME: Well, we’ve become a lot more wimpy country because, you know, these gun advocates at the NRA want these semi-automatic weapons. I mean, you see Marshall Dillon only used one shot. You know, what do they need all those bullets for? I guess they just don’t feel very strong.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Well, what about the culture, the cowboy thing?

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